Non-stop winter game-play!

Introducing SIDE-it-OUT, a new exciting format which brings together our popular All-You-Can-Play with the ultra-fast paced King of the Beach competition format!

Unable to go back to indoor volleyball? Want to keep playing beach volleyball in the winter months? Want to compete but prefer to avoid committing to advance tournament registration? Worried about getting cold between matches? SIDE-it-OUT has you fully covered!

SIDE-it-OUT will run on Tuesday evenings from 18:30 to 20:30 at SideOut Beach in Leyton.

Here's how it works:

- 1: Find a partner! We recommend coming with a playing partner. If you don’t have one, let us know and we will do our best to link you up with someone in advance or on the day. You can change partners from week to week, but you will play all your games with the same partner on each day.

- 2: Turn up from 18:30 to sign up on the spot, pay your entry fees and start warming up.

- 3: Entry fees are £10 per person or just £5 if you are a registered member of SideOut Beach Volleyball Club. We accept cash or card payments.

A monthly discount package is also available for £35 and it gives you access to all Tuesday SIDE-it-OUT sessions and all Saturday All-You-Can-Play sessions each month!

- 4: Games start at 19:00. You will get at least 3 rounds of non-stop play ending at around 20:30. All levels are welcome and all players will be accommodated!

- 5: Collect ranking points and win great prizes! You and your partner will win SIDE-it-OUT ranking points for every round you play on each day and there will be some cool goodies up for grabs for the top ranked players and teams at the end of each month!

So, what exactly is King of the Beach?

An exciting, fast and furious-paced tournament format taking the beach volleyball world by storm!

You probably saw some of the great videos from the King of the Court event in Utrecht in September 2020, the first international beach volleyball tournament after the global pandemic, complete with an awesome new stadium with private skyboxes!

The format sees up to 5 teams play against each other on a single court, until one men's team is crowned King of the Court and one women’s team is crowned Queen of the Court.

If you have ever played the classic "king of the court" or "queen of the court" in training, you will know how this works. In short, the objective is to get to the "king" or "queen" side of the court and stay there for as long as possible by siding out and accumulating points! After each rally, the losing team leaves the court, with the winning team moving to, or staying on, the "king" or "queen" side.

Check out for more info on how it works.

See you on the sand!